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From the makers of Thailand's favorite mineral sunscreens comes the latest product that we've poured our hearts and souls into creating. Once again we donned our lab coats and got down to business formulating Sol Wax.

We persevered through dozens, if not hundreds, of iterations to get that miraculous blend of tackiness and stickiness. If that's not enough, we conducted lengthy global surveys of scent preferences (not really, we just asked some friends) to carefully concoct the best-smelling surf wax that has ever existed (this is true though). 

Sol Wax begins with a base of beeswax sourced from farms here in Thailand and finishes with a luscious pineapple scent with several top secret natural, biodegradable ingredients in between to round it off.


Get some Sol Wax and rub down your precious surfboard with the good stuff it deserves.



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We've got bamboo wax combs too

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