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Why We Use Non-Nano Zinc Oxide

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

There's a lot of hype around nano materials in recent years and for good reason. They are creating an entirely new realm of possibilities in many sectors from tech to cosmetics. If nano materials are all the rage, then why have we decided to NOT use them in our sunscreen products?

healthy corals
Nano zinc oxide particles have been shown to have negative impacts on coral reefs and marine ecosystems.

What's up with zinc nano particles?

The problem with nano zinc oxide is that the incredibly tiny size of the particles means that they can get into places where they shouldn't be – like in the cells of organisms. The damage caused by the intrusion of nano zinc particles is not fully understood as long-term studies have yet to be conducted. However, we do know that the reproductive cycle of some marine species is disrupted. As such, we strongly feel that the benefits gained from using nano zinc oxide (less whitening effect) do not outweigh the detrimental effects to marine ecosystems.


Nano zinc oxide particles may pose a threat to the health of many organisms.

Did you know:

It's not just zinc oxide nano particles that end up in sunscreens and other cosmetics. It is also common to find titanium dioxide nano particles which come with their own set of health and biological concerns.


What effects nano zinc particles have on the human body are still in question. Studies have found elevated levels of zinc in the blood after prolonged use of skin care products containing nano zinc. So it's evident that the particles are small enough to penetrate the skin deep enough to enter the blood stream. Is this bad for our health? It's not yet known.

The larger particle size of non-nano zinc cannot work its way deep enough into your skin to enter your blood nor can it infiltrate the cells of marine organisms. In the ocean, zinc particles dissipate and settle posing no threat.

Strive to make informed decisions about the products that you subject your body and the environment to. The health of our oceans is on the decline, let's all do our small part to help change that.

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